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KEH Camera Coming to Bristol Music and Camera Gear Swap

KEH Camera, the world's largest dealer of used cameras, will be coming to Bristol, TN for the Bristol Music and Camera Gear Swap on Saturday, June 29. The one-day event will be held from 9am to 6pm at the Viking Hall Civic Center located at 1100 Edgemont Avenue. KEH will be there exclusively to buy equipment, so if you're looking to get rid of a camera or a lens, just so you can turn around and buy another one, this is the place for you.
In addition to KEH, there will be other vendors there to buy, sell or trade lots of equipment, plus a host of speakers, demos and other goodies. You can even go get your digital camera sensor cleaned on the spot. It's only $5 to get in, but if you Facebook the Bristol Music and Camera Swap, you just might be able to score free admission.

Trish Gibson on Eyes on the South

© Trish Gibson
Current ETSU undergrad Trish Gibson has work from her Shared Names series featured on Oxford American's Eyes on the South
Eyes on the South is a weekly, online segment featuring new and exciting photographic work made in the South and is curated by photographer and former ETSU visiting artist Jeff Rich
Gibson has been working on this series of black and white portraits for less than a year, so it's pretty impressive to see it getting recognition on this level so early. To see more of Trish's work, check out her website here.

Mike Smith Featured in Oxford American

Elizabethton, Tennessee (2010) © Mike Smith
The summer issue of Oxford American has just been released featuring this recent photograph by ETSU Professor of Photography Mike Smith. Long known for its amazing literature, Oxford American is quickly making a name for itself in the photography world and this issue is proof positive of that fact. Included alongside Mike's image are photographs from William Eggleston, Elijah Gowin, Lucas Foglia, Susan Worsham and many, many others.
The issue will be on newsstands until September, but why wait? Get your copy today.

Chicago Sun-Times Lays Off Entire Photography Staff

© Ian Arsenault
Early last week, the Chicago Sun-Times unexpectedly laid off its entire photography staff and announced it would now rely entirely on freelance photography and iReporting. The firing affected 28 photographers, including Pulitzer Prize winner John H. White, who has been with the paper since 1978.
In the days since the announcement, it has been revealed that current Sun-Times reporters will now go through mandatory training including "iPhone photography basics" in an effort to create new photographic content. No, that is not a joke.
Jokes have been made at the Sun-Times' expense however, including the above image by Chicago-based media production editor Ian Arsenault or a fake Craigslist ad created by comedian Jason Sereno. But perhaps the most poignant and hilarious spoof came courtesy of Stephen Colbert in a recent episode that features the following clip. Enjoy.