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Contemporary Photographer Series - Andrew Phelps

© Andrew Phelps
Andrew Phelps is an American photographer who has lived in Europe since 1990. He is a curator at Galerie Fotohof in Salzburg, Austria and his work is represented by Robert Morat Galerie in Hamburg. He has had several books published including Higley, Not Niigata, and Haboob by Kehrer Verlag. His most recent book, Cubic feet/sec., was just published earlier this month and is now available here. Matthew Jessie recently interviewed Andrew about his work for our Contemporary Photographer Series (CPS).
As your statement for the series describes, "Alpine Half-Life is an ongoing series which marks the point of my life where I have spent more time living in the Alps than in the deserts of Arizona." How has living in a country so different from your native country of America influenced the way your work?
I spent so many years living in the Alps without ever really photographing in the mountains. This always surprised a lot of people because the landscape plays such a piv…

Contemporary Photographer Series - Sarah Hobbs

Escapism, 2009 © Sarah Hobbs
Sarah Hobbs was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1970 and received a BFA in Art History and an MFA in Photography from the University of Georgia. Her work is held in the collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, LACMA, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Photography and the Knoxville Museum of Art. Her first book, Small Problems in Living, was published by Charta in 2012. She was recently interviewed by Alba Ciordia for our Contemporary Photographer Series (CPS).
Within your work you explore different psychological states like insomnia or paranoia. Where did your interest in these human conditions come from?
For many years I was drawn to photographing old and abandoned houses. Each one had a different feel to it and I ultimately realized that the feeling was a psychological one. It was coming from me as much as it was the space. The images of empty spaces eventually ran out of steam, but I could not shake the jolt I got from the psychological expe…

37614 Volume Five

The latest edition of 37614 is now available on The book features photographs from our Advanced Digital class consisting of Olivia Breeding, Heidi Woerz, Megan Cottage, Alba Ciordia, Amanda Musick, Annie Buckles, Kasey Sisko, Matthew Jessie and Kalani Odum.
You can preview the entire book online or buy your very own copy here.