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Police, Photography and Censorship

In light of the escalating situation in Ferguson, Missouri, where protests and riots are growing over the fatal shooting of an unarmed African-American male by local police, it is important to acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of the media who are there covering the story. There have been many accusations aimed at local police for intimidation, harassment and even assault and arrest of journalists and other bystanders who are legally photographing and filming the events that are taking place.
The following video was made by a journalist with the Washington Post who was arrested after being asked to leave a McDonald's.
Another incident of a news crew being intentionally tear gassed was caught on camera by several other media outlets and images have been circulating widely on the Internet. You can see a full video of that event here.

In a press conference given today, President Obama himself said, "...there's no excuse for police to use excessive force against peacef…