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Aint Bad Magazine and ETSU

Aint Bad Magazine, based out of Savannah, Georgia, is a quarterly publication dedicated to new art photography and is quickly becoming an important fixture on the contemporary scene. Aside from their physical publication, Aint Bad runs a blog, sells prints and organizes exhibitions. And it seems that lately they have been taking notice of ETSU.

In the past few weeks, ETSU Alumni Megan King (BFA 2013) and John Hathaway (MFA 2012) have both been featured on the Aint Bad blog along with currently faculty member Joshua Dudley Greer while current BFA student Matthew Jessie was featured on their Tumblr page. Additionally, several ETSU'ers were part of the 9/50 Southeast Arts Presenters Summit at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, in an exhibition juried by Aint Bad from a wide range of new photography being made in the South. Among those chosen were works from ETSU Alumni Shawne Brown (MFA 2008), Tammy Mercure (MFA 2009), John Hathaway (MFA 2012), Travis Brown (BFA 2009) as well as vis…