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ETSU Photo Alumni Series: Emily Denton

Emily Denton was born in Knoxville, Tenn. and currently lives and works in Lafayette, Indiana. Denton graduated with her B.F.A. from East Tennessee State University in 2013. Denton has exhibited locally and is currently enrolled in the graduate program at Purdue University.

Emily, describe what you were looking for in a graduate program.
In a graduate program, I looked for a small and tight-knit program where I can easily become involved in the arts community. I looked for professors whom I can learn from so I can develop in new ways. I'll be studying with Korean artist Min Kim Park whose work is visually very different from mine, but her subject matter focuses around gender roles and feminism, which I'm very interested in. Lee Lynn, another professor I'll be working with, works in a darkroom and practices alternative processes, so I will be exposed to her more traditional methods while also learning from Min's modern techniques. I am required to take electronic and vide…

Atlanta Celebrates Photography and EYE SOUTH Symposium

© Alec Soth
Every October, the city of Atlanta hosts a number of photography exhibitions, lectures, auctions, and other events in what it calls Atlanta Celebrates Photography (ACP). This year, ACP will host lectures and exhibitions that include artists Duane Michals, Stephen Shore, Vivian Maier and many others. Baldwin Lee, retired UT Knoxville professor, will be presenting a lecture on October 13 at MOCA GA to coincide with the exhibition Land Inhabited and Works of Baldwin Lee, which also features photographs by ETSU professors Mike Smith and Joshua Dudley Greer. To check out more information on this year's ACP, click here
As part of the programming and in conjunction with the SPE Southeast Regional Conference, Columbus State University will be hosting a photography symposium called EYE SOUTH on October 14-15. The keynote speaker will be Alec Soth and there are other events scheduled including panel discussions, portfolio review and exhibitions, including a small group show abou…

ETSU Photo Alumni Series: Megan G. King

Megan G. King is a photographer and editor from Bristol, Tennessee. King graduated with both a bachelor's degree in Spanish and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013 from East Tennessee State University. King's work has been featured in Oxford American's Eyes on the South, NPR's CodeSwitch, Politico Magazine and The Bitter Southerner, among others. King is also on the editorial board for Looking at Appalachia. She has exhibited regionally and her work is in the permanent collection at Duke University. King has recently begun her graduate studies at Syracuse University.

What is the process like when applying for graduate schools?

I'm not entirely sure how to answer this yet. It was great and terrible. I put a lot of pressure on myself. To begin with I briefly looked into all the schools I thought might be worth checking out. That was maybe 20+ schools. Then I factored in program length, professors at each school, students that graduated from these schools, tuition, location…

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